Accessing Medicinal Cannabis

Medical cannabis is legal in Australia via a prescription but almost all available cannabis medicines are still considered ‘unapproved products’. This means the pathways to access are different from usual medications and the prescribing doctor will need to take a few additional steps before they can write you a prescription.

Via Your GP (Through The SAS-B Pathway)

Any GP in Australia can apply for patient access via a submission to the TGA for medicinal Cannabis through the SAS-B program, with a simple online application.

Download An Information Flyer From The TGA.

Authorised Prescribers

An authorised prescriber is any practitioner with TGA approval to prescribe medicinal cannabis. Contact us below to find an authorised prescriber near you or to get help registering as an authorised prescriber.

Your Consultation With A Doctor May Take One Of Three Routes.

If your existing doctor is a current medicinal cannabis prescriber, or open to prescribing, you can have a consultation with them and ask if medicinal cannabis would be a suitable treatment option. It is recommended that patients see their usual treating doctor, GP or specialist before seeking out other options.

If your doctor is open to prescribing but is not sure where to start, then CBD Force can walk them through the process and we offer education.

If your current prescribing doctor is not willing to prescribe medical cannabis, CBD Force can either help you find a doctor who prescribes medicinal cannabis near you, or if this is not an option then telehealth appointments are available.

At your consultation your doctor will discuss your conditions and symptoms, your current medication and finally the benefits and risks associated with using medicinal cannabis. While it is possible that you do your own research on medicinal cannabis before your appointment, your doctor will have a clinical view on whether this treatment route is appropriate for you.

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