Ordering Medicines

Ordering your medicine is quick and easy, especially if you have an e-script. If your doctor has not provided you with an e-script, you can still order online, but you’ll need to post an original copy of your script to our partner pharmacy.

Once you have a prescription and the relevant approvals you can order via any pharmacy or via our partner pharmacy, iHealth Pharmacy or MedWest Medical Dispensary.

Prescription Orders

Alternatively, take your script and approval letter to any pharmacy who can order your medicine via out distribution partner.

Wholesale Orders

To receive your medicine please make sure you present or upload all paperwork provided by your doctor.

If you have any queries about how to access CBD Force medicines please contact our team or email info@cbdforce.com.au to receive assistance ordering CBD Force medicines.

Private Health Cover

Most Australian private health funds cover medical cannabis in some form, provided patients have cover with the appropriate allowances for prescription medicines.

Generally speaking, private health funds will require the following information to process a reimbursement:

Copy Of Your TGA Approval

A letter from your doctor setting out that the prescription is required for your treatment

A receipt from the pharmacy that shows the medication was not covered by the PBS

Note: Most private health insurers will only reimburse products that have been prescribed via the Special Access Scheme or Authorised Prescriber pathways. Compounded medicinal cannabis products are generally not eligible for reimbursement. Patients should confirm medicinal cannabis is covered by their health fund prior to submitting a prescription to the pharmacy for dispensing.

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