Ordering Products

A quick easy way to order your CBD Force medicinal cannabis

CBD Force medication can be ordered with a prescription and approval via our partner pharmacy, iHealth Pharmacy (Melbourne, VIC), and be delivered to your door.

Prescription Orders

This order portal is for patients only for wholesale orders please contact CA Pharma directly:

Email: ihealthwholesale@gmail.com

Any Pharmacy, Anywhere

Alternatively, take your script and approval letter to any pharmacy. To receive your medicine please make sure you present or upload all paperwork provided by your doctor.

Ordering For Pharmacists

Pharmacies within Australia are able to order and dispense unregistered cannabis medicines as long as they have the required TGA and State Health (if applicable) approval letter/s and a valid prescription.

CBD Force has a wholesale distribution partner delivering nationwide.

For information on ordering product and choosing the easiest way to order CBD Force products that suit you and your business, you can either register below or contact CA Pharma directly: Email: ihealthwholesale@gmail.com

Wholesale Orders

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