Prescribing Medicinal Cannabis

The science of medicinal cannabis isn’t generally included in Australian undergraduate medical training, as a result, healthcare professionals need to be proactive in cannabinoid medicine education. There are a number of resources available exploring the science, application and benefits. Find out how medicinal cannabis can play a role in the holistic treatment of your patients, and the regulatory pathways required to become a prescriber.

Becoming A Medicinal Cannabis Prescriber

As cannabis medicines are mainly unapproved in Australia, practitioners will need to apply to the TGA. When prescribing medical cannabis, applying for medicinal cannabis on behalf of your patients is not as complex as many healthcare professionals may believe. The process has been streamlined to allow ease of access thanks to the TGA’s intuitive Online Portal which allows for both the TGA and State Health (if required) applications to be submitted simultaneously.

The regulatory pathways are the Authorised Prescriber Standard Pathway and the Special Access Scheme Category B (SAS-B).


SAS-B is an application pathway that can be accessed by health practitioners. The application is approved on a case-by-case basis and requires a clinical justification for the use of the product including why plant-based medicine is preferred compared to other approved medicines and an appraisal of the expected clinical benefits verse the potential risks. An application can be submitted to the TGA via the Special Access Scheme Custom Portal.


An Authorised Prescriber can supply plant-based treatments directly to specified patients under their immediate care without requiring separate approval for individual patients.

Complete an online application to the TGA using the Authorised Prescribers.

Key FeaturesAuthorised PrescriberSAS-B
Medical Practitioners Can Apply
Other Health Practitioners Can Apply
Requires Submission To TGA For Every Patient
Requires Six Monthly Patient Number Reporting
Access To Medicinal Cannabis FAQs

Under the new regulations Categories 1-3 of Medicinal Cannabis are considered to be “known” and the paperwork required to prescribe these has been significantly reduced. The practitioner need only fill out an online form and if qualified then Authorised Prescriber status is usually granted overnight. The practitioner can immediately prescribe, keeping records of scripts to report every 6 months in arrears.

CBD Force products are Cat 1 Pure CBD (more than 98% CBD) Schedule 4 medicine.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to complete your Authorised Prescriber status when you access the TGA’s Online Portal.

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