Street Vs Medicinal Cannabis

It Is Estimated That Thousands Of Australian Patients Are Self Medicating With Illegal
Cannabis To Treat A Range Conditions*.


  • Known composition – certificate of analysis available.
  • Known potency of THC:CBD.
  • Free from pollutants/contaminants.
  • Expected side effects may be managed better.
  • Risk of dependence can be alleviated with regular monitoring.
  • Produced in government-approved facilities.


  • Unknown composition.
  • Potency variable and harder to quantify.
  • Street cannabis is typically high in THC.
  • May be dangerously contaminated. (e.g. heavy metals, pesticides,fungi etc.)
  • May result in unexpected side effects.
  • May be a gateway to other illicit and addictive drugs.
  • Produced in unregulated environments.

*Lintzeris N, et al. Med J Aust. 2018; Aug 13 [Epub ahead of print].